With long experience of supplying pressure vessel forgings, LYGM are capable for producing high pressure flange, forged pipe, tee & cross fitting, tube sheet and nozzle etc. Now we are also supplying many forgings for pipeline, valves, pumps, in manifold system, pressure vessel and other applications.


By long-term experience of supplying pressure equipment forgings, LYGM can provide the finished products in high quality, including:

  • ♦ Ultrasonic Flowmeter Spool and Flange…In Fluid and Gas Metering Devices
  • ♦ Valve Body, Bonnet, Ball, Flange and Blind Flange for Choke Valve, Ball Valve, Slide Valve, Gate Valve etc.
  • ♦ Flow Conditioner, Test Plate, Connector…for Flow Control Devices
  • ♦ Forged Pipe, WYE, Y-piece, Branch…for High Pressure Piping System
  • ♦ Nozzle, Collar, Tube Sheet, Customized Flange and Forged Head…for Pressure Vessel
  • ♦ Materials are A350-LF2, P355/S355, P420QH, S690QL, A182-F316/L, A182-F304/L, F347H, F321, F316Ti, F11, F22, F91, F92, 410SS, F6NM, Duplex F51, F55, F60 etc.



Experience of Supply – Pressure Equipment






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